The () has surpassed 5 mio users!

For the first time, all that are connected by Activitypub are at 5,082,029 mio users (1.6 mio active six months, 0.6 mio monthly active). Thanks to 4.2 mio users, 0.3 mio, 97k , 88k, 55k 49k, 21k, 17k, 12k and many more.

@gerald_leppert "These counts do not include the whole network due to the opt-in nature of the statistics."

@gerald_leppert 0,6 Millionen MAU, das ist das einzig Relevante hier. Da geht noch mehr!

@gerald_leppert it's nice but if the vast majority are not active, the real accomplishments are still ahead.

@threalist abbreviation for million. you are right, in English mio is rarely used, but rather m.

@gerald_leppert I only hope it doesn't become like the bird site. Once it does get bigger, because just switching from one social median to another doesn't change the person. 🤷‍♂️

@loveisgrief Yes, that's a risk, indeed. On the other hand, persons tend to act according to their environment. Same people might behave differently, depending on where they are. E.g. people who are aggressive on Twitter might behave normal in real life. Thus, there is a chance, that the Fediverse will not become toxic if more people join. 🤔

@gerald_leppert indeed, that's possible. Although, because of federation, people might also end up stuck in bubbles e.g conspiracy servers might all be blocked from the rest of the fediverse and their users will be sequestered. Good or bad, I don't know

@loveisgrief @gerald_leppert IMHO it's a good thing.

The #FeDiverse always consisted of several bubbles. Heck every medium humans use for social interaction goes that route.

The difference over here is, here are no algos in place to give any particular bubble any publicity.

So they're on their own in their tiny isle on the #fediverse ;)

I agree a bit, but believe that echo chambers aren't good either. It's good to be exposed to different opinions and learn how to interact respectfully when presented with them.

But decades on the internet have taught me that respect is just a word to most people on the web.

We'll wee what happens


@loveisgrief @gerald_leppert Well .. it's good and healthy when you're naturally confronted by new ideas and differen opinions in your natural social bubble in real life...

But not when they are forced upon you by algos for monetary and outreach reasons. ;)

So, i still get my healthy dose of different opinons and even news i never would have bothered to look for in the first place.... But because peers in my bubble share that to my bubble..... Not algos. ;)


> But not when they are forced upon you by algos for monetary and outreach reasons. ;)

That, I agree with


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