The Turtle Reaper is extremely slow. Now you know why turtles live such long lives.

#MastoArt #creativetoot #turtle #grimreaper


@pentaro that writing style combined with DEAD and the Turtle reminds me strong to Terry Pratchett and his diskworld.

@pentaro I have not written that the drawing style reminds me to Josh Kirby ;-)

@pentaro @vilbi

Wolfgang dice la verdad. You draw and write well.
(I looked back on your posting history)
Also, you should not be afraid to post more in spanish - everyone tries to learn from each other.
For example, I only have english, so I try to read other languages as best I can.

@gemlog @vilbi Oh! Gonna try to toot en español más frecuentemente, then. 😉

@pentaro @vilbi
It's fairly easy to find ppl who post in english, because it is a fairly popular language on the internet.
For me, I specifically choose to follow people who post in something else I'm trying to learn how to read.

@pentaro @vilbi
Moin moin Wolfgang! :-)
It's funny, here I thought I was reading this random artist on the internet and then found you admired their work too!
Six degrees of Kevin Bacon? :-)
Also, just how common is the saying "die Füchse kochen Kaffee" anyhow?

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