I have posted an idea for Mastodon moderation and spam fighting on Mastodon Discourse and would love to get feedback on it: discourse.joinmastodon.org/t/r

@hugo as often stated, the broad scope of instances/communities have different understanding/classification what is harassment, advertizing or spam. That makes it difficult for overall or general lists.
For only some obvious cases a general agree to block may be reached.

@vilbi I totally get that and that is why the idea is that you can subscribe and unsubscribe to one or several instances/lists that you feel matches your instance.
For example, I have a couple of instances where I just copy paste their announced block but that requires me to manually go there and check and that they don't forget to keep the list updated.

It's just an idea, I really don't know and haven't thought about it enough to know if it would be functional or not.

@hugo @vilbi I think it has potential. The way I would see it working is instance A blocks a domain, and there is an extra checkbox to mark as spam or RBL.

This is then replicated across to other instances and the admin on instance B can review the spam/RBL and decide if they want to block them too.

@kev yep, I thought about manual approval on the instance B too but never thought about that option to mark it spam or RBL, I like it.

This idea may lead to all sorts of problems that I may not be thinking about but it came to me as a way to partially automate moderation. I don't know, just wanted to put it out there for discussion :)



@hugo @kev manual is a way to differ from all stupid central blocklists...

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