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Skatespots in Bonn :

Infos on the Skatepark Bonn :


This is truly heart-breaking. Here we have two owners who have a tiny #skateboard shop in #Oakland who simply want to share their passion and business with the community and they get robbed:

If you have a chance, stop down and buy something from them. Let's band together to help these guys build their business back up again.

Für den Weg zur Arbeit (2,5 km) und vielleicht mal 5-6 km in die nächste Innenstadt denke ich über ein 27" Penny Board nach. Dabei bin ich über den Hersteller NKX gestolpert. Hat jemensch unter Euch Erfahrung mit den Boards?

Ich habe zuletzt vor knapp 30 Jahren auf nem Board gestanden, damals auch nur zum cruisen, keine Halfpipe oder Rails.

#skateboard #followerpower

Gerne boosten. Thanks.

That Worble clip is such fun!

Makes me reactivate my 1978 custom built skates actually. At 42 years of age they still perform like new, both for tricks and long-distance, despite heavy wear at the front from zillions of collisions ;) Those things are built like tresors. See image description for details.


#skating #retro #1978 #cryptonics #acs #skatemate

#skateboarding #diy I'm planning on building a transportable kicker ramp and would like it to be height adjustable in 2-3 fixed heights eventually. Does anyone have any ideas or maybe even links to something like that. Thanks allot and happy skating.

Just finished painting the bottom of the #sokol #pennyboard #skateboard that I've been working on. Unfortunately, the original #trucks were not salvagable but these new ones look great.

I’ve been rewatching the original Jackass TV series and am fascinated at how it was filmed and edited.

This led me down the rabbit hole of researching 90s skate videos (a direct influence of Jackass) and eventually to this great article. #film #cinematography #skateboarding

He's more comfortable on a #skateboard than I am sitting in a chair 🛹

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