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Skatespots in Bonn :

Infos on the Skatepark Bonn :


@skateboarding What a board! It's huge, it's deep it's wide and shaped like crazy! Now I need the right trucks and wheels for it. I also like the stickers and the fact that the shop used only recycled paper for packaging.

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For , I really like the in . They always have a great parkour that combines and , and modern ‎tricks.

See here the finals of SIMPLE SESSION 2020:

For example, these runs are just great:
, minute 00:30:13

Not only did I just learn about this video, but I also learned that sadly, this man has also passed away. For what it's worth, this is one of the best #skateboard tutorials that I've seen in a long time.

R.I.P Aloy. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to tell you how much I loved your video:

After two days of trying to go to the #Concord #skatepark only to find it closed (seriously Concord??), we made our way to #Pleasanton Skatepark this morning. Here's a quick panorama of the park.

It's a nice park, nothing too crazy but the real value is that it was dead empty this morning so we had the run of it for an hour and change!

Skatepark in Kappeln 🛹 : Sozialausschuss behandelt das Thema am 26.01.22 in der Mensa der Gemeinschaftsschule, Hindenburgstraße 2, #Kappeln Vorschläge zur Finanzierung liegen vor, Standorte werden noch diskutiert. Bitte alle informieren 🗣️ u. alle kommen, die an einem #Skatepark interessiert sind. Nur so lässt sich ein Signal setzen! 👍

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Skateboarding is thriving, electrically - Cities are trying to get people out of their cars, especially for short commutes. ... - #insider #shift

¿Cuál truco te gusta más? ¿Which trick do you like the most? #skate #sk8 #skateboarding

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