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Skatespots in Bonn :

Infos on the Skatepark Bonn :


**Skateboarder Brown, 11, 'lucky to be alive' after horrific training fall**

"British skateboarder Sky Brown is "lucky to be alive" after a horrific fall from a ramp during training last week."

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I thought, I’d never ever repost things from #pixiv, but this case is an exception. #すずしろ (Suzushiro) is an illustrator that combines such aparently incompatible subjects as #maids and #skateboarding. when you see a #maid in #victorian #dress with an #apron flying over a stairs on a #skateboard, it’s… let’s say, it would feel a bit strange irl. :) but in anime-style illustrations it looks cool and cute at the same time.

Just joined. Don't know much about Mastodon yet, but I'm in learning mode. This is my first post. Hope you enjoy this photo I made of a friend of mine a few years back.

I photograph lots of things, but I have a long history of making skateboard imagery.


Re: that thread on Amazon and Seattle:
CW for angry citizens, and (unrelated to that) guns

Der kleine Cooper Morgan wollte der Skate-Legende Tony Hawk unbedingt sein Skateboard zusenden. Dank eines findigen Fed-Ex-Fahrers hat es geklappt - und der Junge erhielt prompt eine Antwort.
Kurier liefert Geschenk von Sechsjährigem an dessen Idol - ohne Adresse zu kennen - DER SPIEGEL - Panorama
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I'm looking for follow suggestions! some talk of kink/nsfw, boost +++ 

Hey y'all, I'm looking for some suggestions for folks I can follow on Masto (or outside of masto too, actually)! These are things and folks that I think I'd have trouble finding on my own:

-Some cool masc folx/men, and ppl who appreciate masc folx/men!

-Hypnokink, MC kink, BDSM, Horror, queer erotic writers/artists/creators!

-Honestly just some cool artist/writers/creators too.

-Skaters! Skate geeks! SKATEBOARDING!!

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