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Skatespots in Bonn :

Infos on the Skatepark Bonn :


@june Hey pour commencer le skate n’importe quel type de planche te conviendra, surtout si tu veux l’utiliser pour te balader (Leboncoin est un bon endroit pour trouver des boards complète et pas trop cher par exemple)

Un point important : les roulements doivent être en bon état

Le choix du cruiser c’est pour avoir un confort supplémentaire parce qu’en effet ce type de planche est axé sur le déplacement et non les tricks :)

En espérant t’avoir aidé 🙌

I surprised one of my kids yesterday by telling them that on Friday I am taking a day off of work to take them to the #skatepark (yes, I am TOTALLY riding too). Their reaction was something like this.

@skateboarding I'm making progress with the 3D-model. I've gone for a smaller 41cm height quarter and a 85cm transition and only 62cm wide. But with two of them combined it can become a 124cm wide quarter pipe or you can place the small quarters facing each other to get a mini ramp. The back part of each can be removed to make it even smaller for transport. Everything is put together with screws and nuts.

@skateboarding - Have you ever ridden double kingpin trucks? I'm thinking of getting a pair for my Rayne double drop and I'm on the fence. I currently ride reverse kingpin Calibur II's.

Girl Skate Chile "Muéstranos tu estilo" | Vans Chile | Bowlpark | Mujeres Sobre Ruedas
#Chile #Skate

This past weekend we rode the El Estero #skatepark in #Monterey, #CA. It was a pretty fun park to ride; not to hard with a lot of curves and lips for those of us who are older. ;) !!!


I don’t know who this dog is or why he is banned from this park but he certainly seems like a lot of fun.


I'm looking for a micro quarter pipe, that is transportable. Either DIY blueprints/tutorials or orderable construction kits. Would be very happy about links and tips.
So far I found Shredbox launcher ramp but I'm explicitely looking for a quarter with a curb. @skateboarding #skateboarding

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