I truly like @yunohost (Yunohost), it makes it amateurs like me easy to self-host. Still some tears come up for major apps. My current experience:

### Runs properly
- Piwigo
- Jirafeau
- Mattermost
- Wllabag
- Yunohost itself

### Seems to be running properly
- Baikal
- Agendav
- Roundcube
- TinyTiny RSS
- Strut
- SPFToolbox
- Halcyon
- Mumble

### Can be "installed" but is not working
- OpenOffice
- Synapse Matrix (Riot ok)
- Jitsi Meet

### Cannot be installed
- Writefreely


@askans @yunohost

Runs properly:
+ Nextcloud
+ Gitea
+ Kanboard

But still a lot of Todos. It will never be perfect because the world won't stop turning ;)

@sebbo @yunohost thanks for the tipps, and I truly love Yunohost or je t‘aime Yunohost ❤️

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