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Wow, this guy is my new hero.

He made his formerly barren home in the Arizona desert bloom with life, and drastically reduced his resource consumption, through careful shepherding of rainwater and re-use of wastewater, native plants, passive heating/cooling and outside-the-box use of recycled materials.

His house is a wonderland of scavenged parts and jury-rigged gizmos and I love it.

It's more about water than sun power but still strikes me as extremely #solarpunk

a well served coffee and some big unknown hidden cubes of wisdom

heute schon über einen Witz gestolpert?

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The kittens have landed. I repeat: the kittens have landed.

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While waiting at 5:00 am for your train to arrive, you feel less lonley with a succulent in your hand. You even feel ecstatic*!
*Might also be due to missing sleep.

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Well, I know this has been going around the #fediverse a lot already, but it is such a great project, I think it can't be mentioned (and hopefully copied) often enough:

This is a very nice example:


-> a #Solar-powered, self-hosted website.


@Manderli so weit? Wie weit ist das denn genau. Selbstverständlich kann es "so weit" nie kommen, denn 1984 stellt ein Beispiel einer Narration. Eine andere Narration ist möglich, mit Unterschieden zu 1984 und lässt nicht nur leichte Ähnlichkeiten entdecken.

@Luxotek do we need to play tetris again to teach what's it about?

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