increases . In this study we developed a method to use data to construct proxy indicators of change and . We measured performance in area on after :

"A Proof-of-Concept of Integrating , Remote Sensing, and in Evaluations. The Measurement of in the ". Discussion Paper 1/2020.

According to a research review by Ohio State University: When it comes to adapting to , researchers and policymakers should focus on .

Press release:

Wilson et al. (2020): From incremental to in individual responses to climate-exacerbated hazards. Nature Climate Change

At , one of the focus areas of talks is the review and further development of the Warsaw International Mechanism (). Following the current news and tweets from the conference, this issue has turned into one of the most contentious topics. States are struggling to find a consensus on a finance facility for and mechanisms to strengthen support for impacted communities.

Forced from Home – Climate-fuelled , by

Using & data from Internal Monitoring Centre it concldes that "Climate-fuelled disasters were the number one driver of internal displacement over the last decade,forcing an estimated 20 million people a year from their homes". It calls for a review of the for at

: Investing $1.8 trillion over the next decade in could produce net benefits worth more than $7 trillion.

Interesting article by Victoria Gill, . She refers to the brand new report by the Global Commission on .

Key areas:
1. ,
2. Resilient
3. Improved dryland agriculture
5. Resilient Management

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