Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation Measures. Portfolio and Allocation Analysis

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are particularly affected by . supports . However, particularly vulnerable countries such as small island developing states receive considerably less German funding than would be expected

Press release & report: deval.org/en/pressemeldung-det

To counter impacts of due to , researchers suggest radical
measure. In order to avoid of entire regions, scientists are now considering a gigantic called "Northern European Enclosure Dam (NEED)" spanning over 637km closing off the and . Costs estimated at ~ €250-500 billion.

German article:

English paper in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society:

According to a research review by Ohio State University: When it comes to adapting to , researchers and policymakers should focus on .

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Wilson et al. (2020): From incremental to in individual responses to climate-exacerbated hazards. Nature Climate Change

Stating that the of are inevitable, the European Environment Agency calls for a more ambitious strategy of the and countries.

, , , and could affect some selected regions in , including , the , , and . All of these impacts make to the impacts of climate change crucial.

" Now" – by , Vice President of the

Just before , she calls for urgent and attests a still huge . Thus, raises "its target, so that at least 50 percent of its lending will support by 2025". By 2030, EIB "plans to support US$1.1 trillion of and investments"


: Investing $1.8 trillion over the next decade in could produce net benefits worth more than $7 trillion.

Interesting article by Victoria Gill, . She refers to the brand new report by the Global Commission on .

Key areas:
1. ,
2. Resilient
3. Improved dryland agriculture
5. Resilient Management


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threatens the in the . The federal state of , has provided around €30 mio for their rescue. A lot is already being done to ensure that the habitat does not disappear. Currently, Hooge reinforces the settlements with soil and sand, that a ship pumps from the North Sea through kilometres of pipelines.


Interesting article on ():

CCA is often the main priority for . Integrating CCA in the takes time, but finance is a primary concern for all countries. An estimated 85-90% of the goals need to be funded by including , which has less attractive investment opportunities than . It is challenging to identify opportunities that appeal to the private sector.


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UN Conference (SB50) in from Jun17-Jun27, 2019. 3000 experts gather to prepare for in .
Conference mission: "raising ambition to curb greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate resilience-building efforts, and ensure that climate policy is built on a solid foundation of the best available science and knowledge."


article on climate change-induced in : An est. 13.3 Mio displaced by 2050 due to varied impacts of . Internal requires public services like housing, schools, hospitals in recipient cities. actions to combat the causes: Reinforcing embankments, cultivating salt-tolerant rice seeds, climate-savvy urban planning & (re)building, shelters, sea-walls, flood-control gates, freshwater systems, etc

threatens in the and . Rising sea levels and salt water intrusions make necessary: Coastal protection, sand fills and embankments, dikes and protection of freshwater reservoirs.

bedroht Inseln in Nord- und Ostsee. Steigender Meeresspiegel, eindringendes Salzwasser machen notwendig durch Küstenschutz, Sandaufschüttungen, Deiche und Schutz der Süßwasser-Reservoirs.

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