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Das Deutsche der () in ist auf der Suche nach Verstärkung für das Team der zum Thema an den . Die Stellenanzeige mit weiteren Informationen finden Sie auf der Homepage:

: Wie gut ist Deutschland auf die Folgen des •s vorbereitet?

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Report by CARE Denmark & Netherlands: Climate Adaptation Finance: Fact or Fiction?

Some report quotes:

• "large amounts of climate finance [are] for projects that have nothing to do with" .

• "donors routinely exaggerate the adaptation finance component".

"finance only represents about 58% of what donors reported".

-> The table on p.18 shows that donors are different and over-reporting is not evenly distributed.

New 2020 Adaptation Gap Report

action is lagging far behind. While nations have advanced in planning, huge gaps remain in finance for and bringing projects to the stage where they bring real protection against such as , and .

Emphasis is on , public and private , locally appropriate actions.

Release of 2nd progress report for 's strategy & for

• Better financing for
• Support for social institutions

Measures to make Germany -proof:
• Floods & low water or disrupted infrastructures
• Effects on agriculture
• Health hazards
• Security risks for the economy
• Civil protection

Press release (German):

Progress report (German):

Carleton et al. (2020): Valuing the Global Consequences of Accounting for Costs and Benefits, Working Paper 27599

The new study estimates
that the mean increase in due to climate change "is valued at roughly 3.2% of global GDP in 2100"

Mortality rates increase in extreme cold and hot , especially for the elderly, flattened by both higher incomes and .

Study confirms that many measures only take effect after decades. Thus, immediate and heavy and efforts are required.

According to the study, the most rapid, significant impacts would come from heavy mitigation of , or . These efforts could be visible by mid-century, but likely not before.

Samset et al. (2020): Delayed emergence of a global temperature response. Nature Communications, 11

Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation Measures. Portfolio and Allocation Analysis

New report

are particularly affected by . supports . However, particularly vulnerable countries such as small island developing states receive considerably less German funding than would be expected

Press release & report:

To counter impacts of due to , researchers suggest radical
measure. In order to avoid of entire regions, scientists are now considering a gigantic called "Northern European Enclosure Dam (NEED)" spanning over 637km closing off the and . Costs estimated at ~ €250-500 billion.

German article:

English paper in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society:

According to a research review by Ohio State University: When it comes to adapting to , researchers and policymakers should focus on .

Press release:

Wilson et al. (2020): From incremental to in individual responses to climate-exacerbated hazards. Nature Climate Change

Stating that the of are inevitable, the European Environment Agency calls for a more ambitious strategy of the and countries.

, , , and could affect some selected regions in , including , the , , and . All of these impacts make to the impacts of climate change crucial.

" Now" – by , Vice President of the

Just before , she calls for urgent and attests a still huge . Thus, raises "its target, so that at least 50 percent of its lending will support by 2025". By 2030, EIB "plans to support US$1.1 trillion of and investments"

: Investing $1.8 trillion over the next decade in could produce net benefits worth more than $7 trillion.

Interesting article by Victoria Gill, . She refers to the brand new report by the Global Commission on .

Key areas:
1. ,
2. Resilient
3. Improved dryland agriculture
5. Resilient Management

Full report:

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