German politicians start moving to

of :

Members of the :
@TabeaRoessner Tabea Rößner,
@KonstantinNotz Dr Konstantin v. Notz, MdB
@ulrichkelber Ulrich Kelber Federal Commissioner for and Freedom of Information, previously MdB

Members of the :
@echo_pbreyer Dr Patrick Breyer,

In case I forgot someone, please respond!

This is exciting news. Do you expect other EU countries to follow suit in coming months?

Is there anything in English?

@Bundespresseamt @bmbf_bund @bsi @bfdi @DS_Stiftung @dsk

@Bundespresseamt : Herr @mpjgregoire fragt nach, ob das plant auch in englischer Sprache Toots zu veröffentlichen? Does the Bundespresseamt plan to also post news and information in English?

@bmbf_bund @bsi @bfdi @DS_Stiftung @dsk

Dear members of the @mikulas_peksa @marketkag @marcel_kolaja @echo_pbreyer:
In the past months, many (federal government, state offices) started having an official presence in . @mpjgregoire asks whether we can expect other EU countries to follow suit in coming months.

@gerald_leppert @Gargron Does anyone know which tools they use to publish?

I am evaluating using Mastodon for professional publishing purposes but the usual consumer tools that are fine for my personal use are not great for more professional use.

At a minimum one would expect:
1 - Schedule and repeat posts
2 - Monitoring multiple accounts at once (like in Tweetdeck)
3 - Ideally crossposting/syndication so the same post can be made to Mastodon/Twitter/Diaspora/Facebook etc. simultaneously

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