@anders Yes, I used in some smaller projects. It was very basic, but functional. RQDA is not maintained anymore and has been removed from .

is inspired by RQDA, but - as far as I know - has no R integration.

is a fairly new R package for "lightweight" qualitative analysis. It uses for the UI.


@gerald_leppert @VickyRampin Thank you I spent a lot of time trying to get RQDA working in OSX without success. I ended up using Zotero for tagging instead. And my supervisor tells me I should focus on reading over software, :) In my next project I might try one of these pieces of software though.

@anders That's great, tags can be used in many ways. Did you then code the entire article/document or did you find ways in Zotero to also code words/sentences/paragraphs?

It is certainly good to try out tailor-made -Software as it facilitates many tasks in . @VickyRampin is involved in the development and showed in her webinar the pros/cons of the different packages.

Btw, that's a good advice of your supervisor 🙂

@gerald_leppert I use the "note" function in #Zotero to do a more detailed tagging. That way, I can also tag single words, sentences and Paragraphs . It is a lot of copying and pasting but I have all my materials in one place. It is however not possible to do hierarchical tagging. When I select a tag I get all the contents I need related to the tag. It has actually guided my research in a fruitful way.

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