Summary : Performance & Maximum Users

8 no problem, highes video [f]
10 fine, no problem [b,e]
15 we can recommend [e]
>15 performance gets problems [d]
<35 smooth experience [b]
>35 experience will suffer [a]
40 video conference worked well [c]
50 audio conf no problem [a]
70 big conf is hard to host; e.g. audio presentation & screensharing: Audio fine; video & connection issues [a]
75 current hard limit [a]
100+ not yet, but in development [a]

see reply for sources


Thanks for digging into this! Are you using jitsi's public server or a self hosted one? I switched to self hosting and the connection issues improved greatly.

Thanks for your suggestion.

I am just a Jitsi Meet user. I have been using it for a long time, but since Corona HomeOffice I also have to deal with bigger video conferences.

Besides the 'officiaI' Jitsi Meet server, I used/tested a few of these public servers:


Hi, can you recommend a source of wisdom? I installed jitsi yesterday but I struggle with the included Turnserver... I can see people enter the meeting, but no audio, no video.

@gerald_leppert Impressive figures. Are there any recommended articles on how to debug #jitsi conferences (and/or figure out where a bottleneck might be)? In my environment, I'm forced to use MS Teams day-to-day which works well in conferences for up to a dozen of people (never needed more so far), and for family, I regularly fail to get a reliable, stable, enjoyable quality with just three peers involved which feels completely odd.

@z428 @gerald_leppert I use BigBlueButton at work and Nextcloud Talk at home. I wonder how these compare to Jitsi.

@igorette So far, I only experienced issues like that with really bad internet connection. Was the internet connection of the participants good? Did you use Chrome / Chromium as browser? (Firefox has some problems*). Did you experience these issues with the server or some other server?


@gerald_leppert we used and yes, firefox was involved. we give jitsi a try again with the mobile app and chromium


For reference, you can cross-check the performance of servers with these Jitsi Meet servers that scale quite well:
A long list of public servers is here:

With regards to Firefox, there is some light: They wrote yesterday "we have prioritized fixing video conferencing issues specifically in this time of greater usage."

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