German politicians start moving to

of :

Members of the :
@TabeaRoessner Tabea Rößner,
@KonstantinNotz Dr Konstantin v. Notz, MdB
@ulrichkelber Ulrich Kelber Federal Commissioner for and Freedom of Information, previously MdB

Members of the :
@echo_pbreyer Dr Patrick Breyer,

In case I forgot someone, please respond!

Additionally to the list of , and above, also present in :

Members of German state parliaments:
@marie_schaeffer Marie Schäffer,

Members of the :
@mikulas_peksa Mikuláš Peksa,
@marcel_kolaja Marcel Kolaja, MEP CzechRepublic

In case I forgot someone or some institution, please respond!

@RegierungBW @TabeaRoessner @KonstantinNotz @ulrichkelber @echo_pbreyer

Additionally to the two previous posts: 3 more German federal and state politicians have now moved to :

Members of the :
@MargitStumpp Margit Stumpp

Members of German state parliaments:
@EvaLettenbauer Eva Lettenbauer
@Gerbsen Dr. Daniel Gerber

@marie_schaeffer @mikulas_peksa @marcel_kolaja @RegierungBW
@TabeaRoessner @KonstantinNotz @ulrichkelber @echo_pbreyer

New accounts of in :


Members of the :
@AussenMa Maik Außendorf

Members of German state parliaments:
@marie_schaeffer Marie Schäffer (new account),
@torstenleveringhaus Torsten Leveringhaus, MdL

➡️ see my 3 previous posts for more accounts in the

@cark @wahl_beobachter


All of the ones in the list toot and respond on . I did not include those who just use bots, feeds or mirrors.

Examples of such bots would be:
@MartinSonneborn Martin Sonneborn, MEP, Twitter bot. Green party in the Bundestag, cross-posts from Twitter.
@bundesvorstand_bot SPD party federal executive board, Twitter bot.

@gerald_leppert Not true. First one I checked had an RT posted to Mastodon by their bot, and I'm pretty sure most of their posts are just synced. They may respond here, but it's almost always not their first medium and we're treated as 2nd-class citizen (no pun intended).

@gerald_leppert Politicians trying to reach more voters by doing as little work as possible: not exactly a new thing. And as inauthentic as always.

I think that they do cross-posting, but still they react, answer, follow others on Mastodon. If outreach is important, it is understandable that they cater both, Twitter and Mastodon. That's a start hoping that Mastodon is not treated as a 2nd-class medium.

Due to concerns that Twitter, Facebook etc. do not comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data protection commissioners advise public institutions to seek alternatives or even close social media activities.

@gerald_leppert Staying on Twitter means supporting Twitter, and all of their policies, mechanics, algorithms, etc.. Posting to Twitter first is the same as staying on Twitter and feeding leftovers to the fediverse.

@gerald_leppert On the other hand, if there is a legitimate case against Twitter for not complying with GDPR, then their local branches could surely be sued. Not suing them, but implying that they're not compliant, is also completely dishonest.

It is indeed a good question, why the local branch of Twitter is not sued due to GDPR non-compliance.

Instead, data protection offices lead the criticism. The following article (in German) explains that legally not only the network, but also the users are responsible to comply with the GDPR. The data protection office of Baden Württemberg questions that Twitter / Facebook accounts of institutions and companies are legal and urges them to delete the accounts.

@gerald_leppert @RegierungBW @TabeaRoessner @KonstantinNotz @echo_pbreyer

In theory a very good thing. In practice they all just autocrosspost. Meaning they treat Mastodon/Fediverse as a dumping ground for their tweets instead of actually using the medium correctly. It also means useless postings with twitter handles all over the place and noone actually reading interactions.

The notable exception here is @ulrichkelber who has actually understood this and treats the Fediverse with respect.

@lmsvater @gerald_leppert @Umweltministerium @AussenMa @marie_schaeffer @torstenleveringhaus @cark @wahl_beobachter @KonstantinNotz

Wir lesen aber trotz Crossposter auch bei Mastodon mit und reagieren auf Fragen und Kommentare (wenn auch in diesem Fall leider recht spät).

This is exciting news. Do you expect other EU countries to follow suit in coming months?

Is there anything in English?

@Bundespresseamt @bmbf_bund @bsi @bfdi @DS_Stiftung @dsk

@Bundespresseamt : Herr @mpjgregoire fragt nach, ob das plant auch in englischer Sprache Toots zu veröffentlichen? Does the Bundespresseamt plan to also post news and information in English?

@bmbf_bund @bsi @bfdi @DS_Stiftung @dsk

Dear members of the @mikulas_peksa @marketkag @marcel_kolaja @echo_pbreyer:
In the past months, many (federal government, state offices) started having an official presence in . @mpjgregoire asks whether we can expect other EU countries to follow suit in coming months.

@gerald_leppert @Gargron Does anyone know which tools they use to publish?

I am evaluating using Mastodon for professional publishing purposes but the usual consumer tools that are fine for my personal use are not great for more professional use.

At a minimum one would expect:
1 - Schedule and repeat posts
2 - Monitoring multiple accounts at once (like in Tweetdeck)
3 - Ideally crossposting/syndication so the same post can be made to Mastodon/Twitter/Diaspora/Facebook etc. simultaneously

@gerald_leppert This is wonderful news. Do they tend to belong to particular parties, or share some other common characteristic?


The accounts by the state and federal departments as well as state parliaments (Landtag) are generally independent from parties.

However, the green party, the social democrats and the pirates are more inclined to join Mastodon / Fediverse. Thus, accounts by individual politicians are more likely from these parties.

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