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dieser Account ist #neuhier.
Ich (@juleLe) habe in letzter Zeit öfters mitbekommen, dass sich Menschen mehr Gesellschaft auf Mastodon (im Fediverse) wünschen. Sei es durch mehr private Nutzer oder durch mehr (öffentliche) Einrichtungen.

Dieser Account soll dazu dienen, zentral darüber zu Diskutieren, wie man Menschen und Einrichtungen von der Sinnhaftigkeit eines Mastodon-/Fediverse-Accounts überzeugen kann.

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We launched a new group to promote the translation of the scientific literature variable-variability.blogspot.

We are naturally also on the Fediverse: @TranslateScience

In my own post on the group I write about how I changed from thinking English is just a basic science skill, like statistics and coding, to starting this group due to my work as .

Translating scientific works is part of . Language barriers should not waste scientific talent.

Today, the Climate Resilient Health Systems Initiative was launched at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue. The WHO supported initiative aims to ensure that by 2030 all health systems worldwide have strengthened resilience against impacts of #climatechange.



Umfrage über Hochschulangehörige im Fediverse / Poll about university members in the fediverse

Bitte im ganzen Fediverse verbreiten! / Please spread in the whole Fediverse!

Erweiterte Umfrage / extended poll:

Ich bin Hochschulangehörige*r und nutze... / I'm a university member and using...

@gerald_leppert Students from the OERu network of universities use Mastodon as part of some courses.

@gerald_leppert @Gargron The student society @fem at #TUIlmenau operates its own Instance Although it is not an official part of the university.

Are you by any chance planning to create some kind of infographics out of this? If you do, please, share it! I was about to do it myself, after listening to recent second webinar "for Administrations" where one participant from EDPS (I think) said that officials need persuasion to come over here - like impressive user numbers... We don't have those, but I think nice infographics will help a lot for future presentations! Pictures with data work better than lists of links 🙃

@gerald_leppert Not strictly, but still: - discussions about psychology for professors of SUAyED Psicología university of Mexico

@gerald_leppert Die Konferenz der Informatik-Fachschaften (KIF) hat auch nen eigenen Server: (Gibt aber keinen "Sprecher"-Account oder so).

We made a list with Mastodon servers in the realm of science and academia.

Some time ago I wrote to (almost) all admins of these instances whether we could do something to promote more university servers, but did not get much response. One idea was that it may be easier to start at the department level. Using it for homework is a way to ensure people use it.

@gerald_leppert @unihohenheim @unijena @utwente @Tuan @maxj @dukhovni @staff @astatu

Dear @gerald_leppert do you know possible interested organisations & contacts in your network:

To counter malnutrition & foodshortages we design an Open Source “Plant Protein Extractor” for communities in need:

> We seek support with the dissemination & implementation of the device at communities in need.
> We seek supporters with possibilities to finance on-site production of the device in and with communities in need, and to empower them to maintain the device.

instances aiming at , : for publishing scientists (from to ) & researchers outside of for scientists, students, & anyone with rational mindset for researchers, students, , , high schoolers, , journal , , professors,

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