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#UNHRC adopts #VietNam's resolution on #ClimateChange and #HumanRights

The #resolution calls on countries to ensure the rights of the disabled amid the impacts of climate change, including their participation in the building and launching of projects against the changing climate at local, national and international levels.
It also urges enhanced international co-operation in financial assistance, technological transfer and capacity building for developing countries.

Interview with Joseph Assefa & Michal Matul, International Labour Organization ()

Video #06/#17 –
2010,Gerald Leppert,Philipp Degens,Lily McLeish

I in
II Covering the Poor & Organisational Types
III Governmental Involvement in
IV Future Developments

New report "Illuminating " shows the global distribution of based on new data of the

The report by the United Nations Development Programme () and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative () highlights that across 101 countries, 1.3 billion people are multidimensionally poor; while 50% of those are children.

Understanding the human side of #ClimateChange relocation

#PapuaNewGuinea inhabitants are in a race against #climate #change as they continue to lose their land to #rising #sea #levels and coastal #erosion. Since 1994, the islanders of the seven atolls have lost about 50% of their land. In an effort to relocate from a no longer habitable environment, they face devastating economic and political obstacles.

In the previous research project Pro-MHI-Africa, we investigated the functioning of as a instrument to improve to and to avoid health care costs.

We created the for university courses on , comprising 17 educational videos on in , primarily filmed in ( )

#Rich can leave #poor to bear brunt of #ClimateChange

The world is increasingly facing a “#ClimateApartheid”.
The #UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, #PhilipAlston, said the richest people, who are responsible for and have benefited from the vast amount of #GreenhouseGas emissions, will be at the best position to cope with the changing climate. Meanwhile, the poorest, who have contributed the least to emissions, will be the ones most harmed.

My colleague Sarah and I taught #Taguette today at Seton Hall Uni :blobcat:

Taguette is a #FLOSS qualitative analysis tool --- one of only two open and free tools in this space :toughcoffee:

Try it out -- you use it on your desktop, our server, or self-host!!

For those of you out there looking for good Free/Libre Computer Assisted/Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS), check out QualCoder by Colin Curtain, a fork of RQDA that doesn't require GNU R. It's in it's early stages, but I've been impressed so far!


#QualitativeDataAnalysis #FreeSoftware

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UN Conference (SB50) in from Jun17-Jun27, 2019. 3000 experts gather to prepare for in .
Conference mission: "raising ambition to curb greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate resilience-building efforts, and ensure that climate policy is built on a solid foundation of the best available science and knowledge."

Researchers study how #ClimateChange affects #crops in #India

By relying more and more on a single crop—#rice—India's food supply is potentially #vulnerable to the effects of #varying #climate," said Davis, the lead author on the paper, "Sensitivity of Grain Yields to Historical Climate Sensitivity in India," which has four co-authors, all of whom collaborated on the research.

#ClimateCrisis #ExtremeWeather

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