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Consolidating #sea #level #acceleration estimates from #satellite #altimetry

More than 27 years of high precision satellite altimetry enables analysis of recent changes in global mean sea level (#GMSL).

#ClimateScience #RemoteSensing

To counter impacts of due to , researchers suggest radical
measure. In order to avoid of entire regions, scientists are now considering a gigantic called "Northern European Enclosure Dam (NEED)" spanning over 637km closing off the and . Costs estimated at ~ €250-500 billion.

German article:

English paper in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society:

Kyoto Protocol: 15 years on, climate milestone 'too little' | DW | 16.02.2020

In 1997, leaders of industrialized nations committed to the Kyoto Protocol to limit greenhouse gas emissions. The document, which came into effect 15 years ago, set the tone for slowing the march of climate change. #environment #climatemergency #climatecrisis #pollution

Estimating and tracking the remaining #carbon #budget for stringent #climate targets

Here we present a framework that enables us to track estimates of the remaining carbon budget and to understand how these estimates can improve over time as scientific knowledge advances.


#ClimateScience #ClimateCrisis #CO2 #Methane #CarbonBudget

Climate change could open new land to farming, but caution needed: study

Climate change could open a whole different area in Canada to farming, says newly published research.But Evan Fraser of the University of Guelph, a co-author of the international study, warns that … #climatecrisis #climateemergency #environment #pollution #farming

🌊 As #ClimateChange makes areas of the US uninhabitable, people are likely to migrate inland into so-called ‘climate havens’. To help authorities prepare, researchers have drawn up a map of where they predict those affected will move.


According to a research review by Ohio State University: When it comes to adapting to , researchers and policymakers should focus on .

Press release:

Wilson et al. (2020): From incremental to in individual responses to climate-exacerbated hazards. Nature Climate Change

Stating that the of are inevitable, the European Environment Agency calls for a more ambitious strategy of the and countries.

, , , and could affect some selected regions in , including , the , , and . All of these impacts make to the impacts of climate change crucial.

Additionally to the list of , and above, also present in :

Members of German state parliaments:
@marie_schaeffer Marie Schäffer,

Members of the :
@mikulas_peksa Mikuláš Peksa,
@marcel_kolaja Marcel Kolaja, MEP CzechRepublic

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Deutsche Politik zeigt zunehmend Präsenz in , Stand 31.01.2020

von :

Mitglieder des deutschen •s:
@TabeaRoessner Tabea Rößner,
@KonstantinNotz Dr. Konstantin v. Notz, MdB
@ulrichkelber Ulrich Kelber Bundesbeauftragter für den und die Informationsfreiheit, vormals MdB.

@echo_pbreyer Dr. Patrick Breyer,

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German politicians start moving to

of :

Members of the :
@TabeaRoessner Tabea Rößner,
@KonstantinNotz Dr Konstantin v. Notz, MdB
@ulrichkelber Ulrich Kelber Federal Commissioner for and Freedom of Information, previously MdB

Members of the :
@echo_pbreyer Dr Patrick Breyer,

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For the vulnerable, #UN #climate #talks are no longer fit for purpose

Saleemul Huq:
I have been to all 25 UN climate conferences. I won't be attending next year unless major changes are made to achieve real #action.
Having just returned home from my 25th consecutive UN climate talks in #Madrid, I am now prepared to declare the decision making process in these annual jamborees is no longer fit for purpose.

#ClimateCrisis #COP25

Despite disastrous results, there is still hope for in : 31 countries have joined the for High Ambition and Integrity in International Carbon Markets.
Some goals:
• Highest ambition to deliver an overall in global
• Avoid double counting and prohibit pre-2020 & Kyoto units
• Support domestic achievement
• Financial resources for particularly vulnerable for

How to proceed with talks after ? Is deferring to the solution, given that interests of blocking countries will not change until next year? David Wallace-Wells asks for ways "beyond the model, to organize or incentive [..] global cooperation? [Some] economists [..] would like to see [..] something like a for — an independent organization, capable of not just rewarding participation but also punishish bad behavior by nations"

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