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German Sovereign Tech Fund will fund open source digital infrastructure to avert the next log4j variable-variability.blogspot.

The famous cartoon has resulted in an open source digital infrastructure fund. Thank you Randall.

@VictorVenema this is needed but this is no good history from were it's coming from.

@VictorVenema yep that's the technical side, am thinking of the social side.

Funding from top down institutions (while obviously needed) has only had bad outcomes for bootem up process.

How can we do better than this? And yes this is not a thing that has easy answers.

@Hamishcampbell Ich finde es eher gut wenn Gemeinschaftsaufgaben aus Steuern finanziert werden und nicht aus Spenden wo die Reichen im Ende bestimmen was gemacht wird.


In Italy we used to have a law that imposed to banks to provide 1/13 of their profits to indipendent centers that used such money for no-profit organizations.

The thing worked very well until such centers were not turned into political affiliation tools. Then they became a mess (and while I'm not much informed right now, I'd guess the law was abolished).

It was 20 years ago or so, btw.

The approach was great because the contribution was mandatory and was not given to a government agency or so, but to independent organizations that had a single, quite specific goal: maximize the outcomes for the no-profit organizations.

Such approach could work for free software too: companies should give the money but NOT have any say on their use. Intermediate organizations should account on how they improved the security, the quality or the innovation of the whole ecosystem.


@VictorVenema it's not entirely a funding issue though, some people argued that even well funded it might still have had security holes because companies usually prefer feature-creep over safety…

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