as inventor of the Delightful lists, do you have any idea what happened to the Yahoo! directory, why it went down and what is left of that kind of technologies? Only the Delightful and Awesome lists?

I was thinking of making an inventory of what happens in Bonn. I started with a list of podcasts on Bonn.Wiki. Technically that works, but is not what Wikis are for and I can imagine it quickly becoming a mess. 1/2

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There are many (local) topics one could make such lists for. So it will require crowdsourcing.

GIT-based lists are decentralized and strongly moderated. But it being so technical likely scares many contributors and curators away.

Using homepages on GitHub and Codeberg we could make it look more friendly for users, but it would remain technical for curators.

If nothing good exists, it this something for an AP app? 2/2


@VictorVenema I would call #delightful a fork.

Dunno what happened with Yahoo! either. It was quite popular.

Yes, this idea lends itself for an #activitypub app. Might even be one with a twist..

On #SocialHub I mention as candidate for the #fediverse

The twist is then that list candidates announce themselves by means of a profile they maintain themselves.

And that anyone can review and aggregate them into lists which then federate together.

@humanetech I read the homepage and watched their video, but I still do not really have a clue what problem they are trying so solve.

Did not read anything about candidates announcing themselves. Wouldn't that require a real standard for the information?

As they want every person who uploads information to be closely connected to the group the info is about, the information would be very incomplete. One cannot expect all groups in the world to have someone to study the system and upload data.

@VictorVenema solution doesn't work in any context. Ppl should have an incentive to be on a list and maintain a profile (locally) with up-to-date info.

What's solved is list creators spending lotsa time creating lists that are immediately outdated without parties on the list being aware.

This would work for business directories, but also for #foss project lists.

Take #delightful #funding list:

A huge backlog for me to process. And I want to show info on mechanism.



I want to show pricing and features. Huge amount of work. Now at the same time hundreds of others may maintain similar lists, and we all do double work.

With Murmurations you'd define a profile (in JSON Schema, JSON-LD) describing a funding offering. It becomes the standard for a list type.

If I wanna be on 100's of lists I fill in the profile, host it locally and send a signal to an index server. Done.

And after a new release I update it once and republish to the index.

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