is a group of climate scientist reviewing press articles on climate change, but there is only so much a few scientists can do & by the time the reviews are in & summarized the article is mostly old news.

With a larger group we could review more articles & have results while people are still reading it.

We could test how well such a larger group does (& how to statistically combine their grades) by comparing their assessments with the ones later published by Climate Feedback.

If we would make such a feasibility study would you be willing to participate?

You would get a mail when Climate Feedback starts a review & when it is finished, have that time to grade the article, maybe add how confident you are or a classification on the topic.

Interesting. On Twitter 8 people are interested in reviewing. On Mastodon 1 person is interested in designing the system.

Fits to both communities. Twitter big with many scientists. Mastodon still small and technology focussed.

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