5. Ich misstraue allen, die jetzt „Gesundheit statt Datenschutz“ schreien. Das sind die gleichen die „Strafverfolgung statt Datenschutz“ und „Geschäftsmodelle statt Datenschutz“ schreien. Die haben wenig Ahnung, aber schlimme Ideen, auch was andere Grundrechte angeht …

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Maskenpflicht in der Öffentlichkeit:

Länder könnten Mundschutz anordnen

Gegen die Verbreitung von Tröpfchen hilft Textil im Gesicht.

Scheint mir eine gute Idee, so bald wir ausreichend Masken haben. Ist eine viel kleinere Eingriff in unserer Freiheit als alternative Maßnahmen.

Many proprietary software companies are currently using the extended homeoffice situation of many employees to offer lock-in solutions gratis or even labelling them as "free". But take care to build on Free Software. Else your solution today might turn into a burden tomorrow:


Dear Fediverse,

we have a request:
we are looking for the 2008 comic about the Chrome browser by Scott McCloud.

If you have a high-res copy or the paper version, please get in touch! (We are planning an update 😉 )

Boosts welcome!

It almost looks as if in Germany the new Corona virus hits rural regions most.

This map shows the new infections of the last week from people who were infected locally. Cities are dots. rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neua

That is surprising. It started in a city, it quickly moved to cities because city folks travel a lot. Densely populated cities also seem better to spread viruses. In the end everyone will get it, but I see no reason to prefer rural places.

How is this elsewhere? Any thoughts why?

2. The number of infections in Germany is growing slower than models with constant parameters would predict. This is a first sign that physical distancing policies have an effect.

3. People are infectious before they are ill. "44% of all infectious events occurred before the infective person was even ill."

So we cannot fight with quarantining ill people alone, we also need physical distancing.

Those are the 3 main points.

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New post. Corona Virus Update: Case-tracking teams, slowdown in Germany, infectiousness variable-variability.blogspot.

English summary of German public radio podcast with virologist prof. Christian Drosten, Part 20 (Tuesday).

1. South Korea fights COVID19 by testing a lot & have many people working on tracking contacts of known infected people.

This produced good results for fighting one big outbreak, but new infections are again growing & we will have to see how well this strategy works in future.

Wer macht mit?

Ich sehe in diesen Tagen, dass freie Software oft gratis zu unser aller Nutzen und Freude bereitgestellt wird.
Wer momentan ein paar Euro übrig hat ist eingeladen am #OpenSunday eine #OpenSource #Software beliebiger Wahl und damit deren Entwickler zu unterstützen.
Wer Geldsorgen hat soll bitte nicht Spenden!
Dafür: Wer mehr als genug hat (davon gibts ja nicht wenig) darf ruhig mal tiefer in die Tasche greifen. Ein oder zwei 100er sind da kein Problem.

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Inside Airbus A310 MedEvac (Luftwaffe) flying Italian COVID-19 patients from Bergamo to Cologne today reddit.com/r/europe/comments/f

Today six Italian patients have been brought to three different hospitals in the region: two to , two to and another two to . In total Germany helps 100 Italians Tomorrow there are 14 more expected to come from France.

Doing this Germany commits itself for two weeks. There is easily enough hospital capacity for this period.

An alle Schüler*innen, die fürs #HomeSchooling keinen (geeigneten) Rechner haben, weil in der Familie aktuell kein Geld hierfür da ist: Bitte meldet euch bei uns (computertruhe.de/kontakt/). Wir überlegen gerade, wie wir euch während der #Corona-Pandemie unterstützen können. #unten

It looks as if children get easily infected, but do not often get seriously ill. Soon we will know more from anti-body tests.

Drosten got a lot of hate mail after he was wrongly quoted as advising soccer to be shut down for a year. This scares scientists away from the media.

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Corona Virus Update with Christian Drosten (19): going outside, face masks, children and media troubles variable-variability.blogspot.

You can go outside for a walk or to jog, the main risk is people meeting inside.

Face masks are to be reserved for medical personal who are in close prolonged contact with infected people.

There is no evidence that wearing face masks outside protects yourself. It does protect others, but for that we do not have enough masks.


The word quarantine comes from quarantena, meaning "forty days", designating the period that all ships were required to be isolated before passengers and crew could go ashore during the Black Death plague epidemic.

It followed the trentino, a thirty-day isolation period.

Die Corona-Krise trifft Iran besonders heftig. Dazu trägt auch das von den USA verhängte Einfuhrverbot für medizinisches Material bei. taz.de/Aus-Le-Monde-diplomatiq

COVID19 in Deutschland 

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