Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation Measures. Portfolio and Allocation Analysis

New report

are particularly affected by . supports . However, particularly vulnerable countries such as small island developing states receive considerably less German funding than would be expected

Press release & report: deval.org/en/pressemeldung-det

To counter impacts of due to , researchers suggest radical
measure. In order to avoid of entire regions, scientists are now considering a gigantic called "Northern European Enclosure Dam (NEED)" spanning over 637km closing off the and . Costs estimated at ~ €250-500 billion.

German article:

English paper in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society:

According to a research review by Ohio State University: When it comes to adapting to , researchers and policymakers should focus on .

Press release:

Wilson et al. (2020): From incremental to in individual responses to climate-exacerbated hazards. Nature Climate Change

Stating that the of are inevitable, the European Environment Agency calls for a more ambitious strategy of the and countries.

, , , and could affect some selected regions in , including , the , , and . All of these impacts make to the impacts of climate change crucial.

Despite disastrous results, there is still hope for in : 31 countries have joined the for High Ambition and Integrity in International Carbon Markets.
Some goals:
• Highest ambition to deliver an overall in global
• Avoid double counting and prohibit pre-2020 & Kyoto units
• Support domestic achievement
• Financial resources for particularly vulnerable for

How to proceed with talks after ? Is deferring to the solution, given that interests of blocking countries will not change until next year? David Wallace-Wells asks for ways "beyond the model, to organize or incentive [..] global cooperation? [Some] economists [..] would like to see [..] something like a for — an independent organization, capable of not just rewarding participation but also punishish bad behavior by nations"

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Late-night presidential plea from Chile's Carolina Schmidt to negotiators. "I think things are coming together ... I request all your flexibility, all your strength... to find this agreement and this consensus that we need to have an ambitious result. We are almost there." t.co/GEfjRzjaUK

At , one of the focus areas of talks is the review and further development of the Warsaw International Mechanism (). Following the current news and tweets from the conference, this issue has turned into one of the most contentious topics. States are struggling to find a consensus on a finance facility for and mechanisms to strengthen support for impacted communities.

Forced from Home – Climate-fuelled , by

Using & data from Internal Monitoring Centre it concldes that "Climate-fuelled disasters were the number one driver of internal displacement over the last decade,forcing an estimated 20 million people a year from their homes". It calls for a review of the for at


" Now" – by , Vice President of the

Just before , she calls for urgent and attests a still huge . Thus, raises "its target, so that at least 50 percent of its lending will support by 2025". By 2030, EIB "plans to support US$1.1 trillion of and investments"


: annual report

"even if all unconditional Nationally Determined Contributions () under the are implemented, we are still on course for a 3.2°C temperature rise."


"nations have to raise the ambition of their current pledges over fivefold for the 1.5°C goal when they revise their NDCs in 2020."

Concluding in a tweet: >3°C "would bring mass extinctions & large parts of the planet would be uninhabitable."


AB HEUTE: Öffentliche Vorlesungen, Diskussionen und Führungen zum an der von

Montag 25.11. - Freitag 29.11.2019

Die Veranstaltungen finden statt anlässlich des am Freitag, 29. November


Most countries are not on track to reduce as committed in their intendend nationally determined contributions () of the Conference 2015 in , although most were not even ambitious enough [1]. This intensifies the 2017 DIE (in German). It shows important events of the and the struggle for a compromise to limit .

[1] mastodon.at/@tuxom/10314317570

The Secretariate announced , as new venue for the change conference.

Dates remain the same:
02 - 13 Dec, 2019

The conference will be held at IFEMA - Feria de Madrid, , .


: Investing $1.8 trillion over the next decade in could produce net benefits worth more than $7 trillion.

Interesting article by Victoria Gill, . She refers to the brand new report by the Global Commission on .

Key areas:
1. ,
2. Resilient
3. Improved dryland agriculture
5. Resilient Management


Full report:


threatens the in the . The federal state of , has provided around €30 mio for their rescue. A lot is already being done to ensure that the habitat does not disappear. Currently, Hooge reinforces the settlements with soil and sand, that a ship pumps from the North Sea through kilometres of pipelines.


Interesting article on ():

CCA is often the main priority for . Integrating CCA in the takes time, but finance is a primary concern for all countries. An estimated 85-90% of the goals need to be funded by including , which has less attractive investment opportunities than . It is challenging to identify opportunities that appeal to the private sector.


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