Yesterday, for the first time in quite a long time, I was back at the sea, in Gourock. First a swim in the outdoor pool, which is right next to the sea. Surprisingly, I had never done this. After tomorrow they close for the season so it was just in time. Fortunately the water is heated (about 28C), because otherwise it would have been a bit nippy. The picture shows a view from the poolside.

@wim_v12e what is the actual temperatur in the real sea?

@wim_v12e just looked... 13.5°C ... that is 'fresh' ;-)

@vilbi Indeed. The outdoor temperature was 16C with a strong wind and showers of rain 😃


@wim_v12e I was swimming in the baltic sea about a week ago, but then it was 'warm', 17°C air and sea... but I would not go at lower temperatures...

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