I can not help posting some pictures taken today.

Some impressions from one of my walks after lunch in times of home office along the river Isar and touching the city center of Munich. I am very lucky to live in this area.

@Markku Raitisoja as you see it seems still to be summer here. The trees are still green. This will change rapidly in the next days.

@Wolfgang Nicht vom Urlaub, aber es fühlt sich für mich immer wieder so an, wenn ich eine Runde im Homeoffice zur Entspannung drehe. Dieses permanente Urlaubsgefühl hat mich in München nie ganz verlassen. Die neue Canon R6 ist der Hammer ;-) Leider wird das neue Rohformat, CR3, nur teilweise unter Linux unterstützt. Immerhin, RawTherapee kann damit umgegehen, "kennt" aber die Metadaten nicht (Aufnahmezeit, ISO, Blende,...) und kennt auch noch kein Profil für diesen Sensor.

@Waitman Gobble We talked about what city to visit in Germany. The places shown here are nothing really spectacular. There are no  high storage buildings in the city center of Munich. The churches must be dominant in every town or village in Bavaria. This is a written law. Munich is often called a big village compared to other cities in Germany. The way of live is quite relaxed over here.

Viktualienmarkt (next to Marienplatz, the very city center). This is a ten-minute-walk from my home.

Of course this is a must-have photo in Munich - Marienplatz

River Isar. What big city has a mountain river flowing through? Many take a bath here in summer. I use to play football (soccer) nearby and we often take a bath at this part of the river in summer.

Behind the wall is the Biergarten "Muffatgarten". This place is next to the Isar (picture above). Most of the time we drink some couple of Mass (1 liter Bier) in this Biergarten after playing football. The beer and the food is very good.

Next to the Biergarten down to the rive again. This is my daily cycle path to the office.

Typical buildings in Munich. Watch the different facades. One facede survived the war or was rebuild. The other facede was partly repaired (or rebuild after the war) and the next one is without any ornaments, most probably build in the 60ies as replacement for an older building. The buildings look at the river Isar.

"School river" of my kids. Their school is behind the camera. The used to go here during breaks of when school was over. The building on the other side is the famous (in Germany) "Deutsches Museum", a very large and "good sorted" technical Museum.

Best regards to everybody!

Agree, Munic is a nice city with a lot of attractive locations. I was and will be often in Munic and the wider area for business reasons or visiting friends. Actual I have the fortune to work remote at the beach of the baltic sea... always difficult to get videoconferences with low wind on micro, but a perfect scenery behind the screen ;-)
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