Which countries have protected both health&the economy in the pandemic?
From "Our World in Data"
"among countries with available GDP, we do not see any evidence of a trade-off between protecting people’s health + protecting the economy. Rather the relationship we see between the health and economic impacts of the pandemic goes in the opposite direction. As well as saving lives, countries controlling the outbreak effectively may have adopted the best economic strategy too"

@vilbi Oh yeah! I'm living in TAIWAN #1!

Amazing what universal health care, and NOT listening to the WHO did for us :D

@tootbrute yes and no, you have had a good pandemic training case already, we in europe not. So our pandemic plans have been paper work and where friendly spoken, useless theory. And the WHO was in a political lockdown to activly cooperate with Taiwan to take over your perfect pandemic strategies.
Yes, a good public heathcare system is a strong base line when your infection prevention measures are not well enough or in the rampup...

@vilbi organizations like the WHO are a joke if they can be bent by political pressure (*cough* China).

sadly, countries around the world are paying the price with the lives of its citizens.

it's true though, rest of the world had no experience with dealing with SARS or MERS. sadly these lessons are only learnt with blood being spilled.

@tootbrute look to US where the government is trusting nobodys wise advice...
the WHO may have deficits but it is the only global health organisation and is operating well (but nobody is perfect)

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