Jetzt muss man nicht nur die passende Toilettenanlage aufsuchen sondern auch noch das richtige Pissoir benutzen… ;-)

Die Toiletten sind im Barfüßer im Keller direkt neben der Brauanlage, also kurze Wege für das Recycling ;-)


"Maintenant, il ne suffit plus de trouver les bonnes toilettes, il faut aussi utiliser le bon urinoir"

(Si je me trompe, @Phipe rectifiera :-p)

@vilbi I'm going to go visit my daughters and come back to this later.
You have no idea how often my brain just read "Of course we have a ???? in germany" over and over and over.
Will I ever learn this bloody thing?

@vilbi That video was both far more detailed and more interesting than I expected!
It was a bit frustrating, because the playback kept stuttering on my end for some reason.
Kloforscher?? I can't look up this word, so I still don't know it.

@gemlog it is no formal term :-) a toilett is a "Klo" and a scientist is a "forscher" so this man is the German "Kloforscher" official Professor Demiriz is Professor für Sanitärtechnik an der Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen

@vilbi Thank you! No wonder I couldn't find it.
I do better the more small word parts i learn.

@kmj @vilbi Exactly - it's why I had to ask Wolfgang for help!
Maybe you noticed my problem with 'birds' a few weeks ago - that was kind of funny too :-)

@kmj @vilbi I got badly mixed up.
I read a paragraph in german and my brain was "Coo! I got this!"
No. It made no sense to me.
Why are they randomly talking about birds??
I confused birds and fucking... I hadn't learned how capitalizing worked yet :-)

@kmj @vilbi
I know - I don't mind being a fool; I'm learning :-) I laugh at myself too.

I didn't know the other word at all.

You guys have been letting me down! :-)

@gemlog @vilbi you are not a fool, german is pretty hard, maybe not that hard then learnig mandarin, but for sure one of the hardest to learn. and nobody blames you for this "n" difference :-)

@kmj @vilbi Oh, everyone is super nice to me! Don't think that. German speakers are very forgiving.
In english we have the phrase 'grammar nazi'. I have never met a german speaker like that.
When I feel bold, I post outrageously bad <language> and ppl are always nice to me still.
Sometimes ppl PM me hints. Like "you put the wrong gender on that verb - I'm a woman" or w/e. Gendered nouns and verbs are difficult for english speakers. I especially forget to fix the verbs in spanish. Verbs too???

@kmj @vilbi Remember Merkel saying a syrian had good german (she got to stay). I will say this carefully: her german sounded 'nice' to me. Some german sounds very harsh. But so does my english accent vs the queen. Or buddy's katowice accent vs his wife's krakow. Or even cantonese vs mandarin (that one's a bit extreme, i admit).

@gemlog @vilbi reminds me on a meeting at lake geneva, wisconsin. guys from all over usa and canada and me as the only non nativ english. all sounded different, some hard, some soft, even the talk was positive. the hardest for me was the guy from texas. :-) hard dialekt in sound and even hard to understand.

@kmj @vilbi I'm ok understanding texans. I have a tough time with orkney and hebrides types.
Oh, and this lot from the usa:
I can't sort that out - and it's basically just evolved old english.

@kmj @vilbi
It depends on the time zone who I ask for help and it was a bit late in germany, so I asked @vfrmedia and he explained it to me.

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