Today visited scotlands secret bunker.
Reminds me strong to my bunker time at the german air force for two years during cold war and so forgotten, deep emotions of fear came up again...
Also saw their phone central, similar to mine...
Manual swichboards were also my workplace, they are resilient against EMP, that's the reason why there were still in use during my time around 1983...

@vilbi quick question

if it's so secret how come you just posted about it


@Elizafox I have seen roadsigns... so I thought it was OK to toot ;-)

@vilbi @Elizafox

There is a similar museum just outside East London, it gets more publicity from the (London centric) BBC although the collections there aren't as authentic as the Scottish one

A brown background is UK roadsign code for a historical attraction, active MOD installation sign has red border and if not officially named might be signposted "Works Access Only" (its *not* a good idea to explore there unless authorised, at very least there are barriers and sometimes security patrols)

@vfrmedia @vilbi @Elizafox
Yep 😀
Plenty of places down near you @vfrmedia that are not marked as such. Quite a few places I know of in that area that are not marked on the maps, or where the map bears no resemblance to what is on the ground.

@vilbi a lot of UK equipment was supplied by a combination of Plessey and Siemens.

EMSS was kept in use until at least the early 90s, then replaced with a hybrid analogue/digital system that lasted until late 2000s.

info on what Britain uses today is still part classified but public available info shows use of some early CISCO VOIP handsets connected to portable equipment that can switch between encrypted VPN links over either land or satellite based networks.

Cool thing, interesting, but hopefully never needed again.

@utzer agree.
But some cold war bunkers or civil persons secure rooms could help also in other circumstances... but most of them are set out of order now, beleaving that war time is over for ever...
but under historic timescales war was just yesterday and will happen tomorrow again :-(

@vilbi Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
That made my inner young teenager very jealous.

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