- Mit 13 Jahren •s beste

Sobald sie stehen konnte, stellte ihr Vater sie auf ein . Jetzt ist Lilly Deutschlands beste Skaterin und träumt bereits von

- 's best at the age of 13

As soon as she could stand, she started . Now Lilly is Germany's best female skater and is dreaming of the


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P.S: I didn't know beforehand what sound a skateboard manifestiation really makes 😀

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🛹PUSH FOR JUSTICE🛹 No one knows the streets of Minneapolis better than our skateboard community🛹 #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter   #Minneapolis ☮️

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**'Falling is a part of life' - GB skateboarder Brown on training incident**

"Eleven-year-old British skateboarder Sky Brown wanted to show "falling is part of life" when she shared news of a horrific training incident earlier this month."


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