Weil hier neulich über Berliner vs. Pfannkuchen diskutiert wurde...

Berliner vs. Pfannkuchen?
Ich sehe da nur Krapfen auf dem Bild. 😇🤤

Wie, Frikadelle?!?! "Floischkiachle" heißt das - und sieht ganz anders aus! 🤣

@schreiblehrling alle drei falsch: es heißt Krapfen. Grapfe um genau zu sein.

@schreiblehrling I don't understand German but I thought Frikadelka means a meatball

@borrof Exactly! That is the joke of that picture.

You know, here in Germany there is a never ending discussion about how the fluffy dough thingies on the picture should be called. We have way too many words for them, and they all have different meanings in different regions, leading to funny confusion every once in a while.

The mistake which was made on this picture leads to the joke saying "y'all shut up, those things are called meatballs now".

@borrof Oh please no, if we bring even more words in different languages into the game, things will only get worse 😅

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