📈 The new social web has reached another milestone: Mastodon passed 3 million users and PeerTube 100k users!📈

Today, the counter at the-federation.info/ shows 3,019,861 and #118,877 users.
(): 3,340,712
Fediverse (total): 4,367,971

*But* please be aware: The Fediverse has to grow faster! Currently, it just keeps its level of monthly active users () in a year-to-year comparison:
-0.2% Mastodon at currently 444,951 MAU
+2.7% Fediverse 493,924 MAU


Congrats for reaching the milestone, keep going for the future!

@christian_zerfass @gerald_leppert Does the Fediverse 'need' to grow? Isn't Mastodon sustainable already, since it doesn't rely on VC funding on the promise of future profits? I really can't follow any more good people ... ;)


@rochelimit That's a good question. IMHO: Yes, the Fediverse definitively needs to grow.

1/ It's good that the MAU is stable and not declining. However, it also means that atm it doesn't attract more new people than people becoming inactive. I don't know whether this is sustainable in the lon run.

2/ There are ~7.8 bn people in the world, thus, many good people who are not yet here. I'd like to see more researchers, politicians, orgs, other active people in the Fediverse.

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