📈 The new social web has reached its next milestone: For the first time, the has over 4,000,000 users! 📈

Today, the counter at the-federation.info/ shows 4,003,742 users in the Fediverse, out of which 2,761,886 users are on , 762,367 on , and 249,904 on . Fast growing projects are (69,954) that more than tripled and (25,206) that almost doubled the number of users in the last year.


@gerald_leppert How do you use multiple ActivityPub sites? Is it better to create separate account for mastodon, pixelfed and peertube?


@threed As far as I know there is currently no way to use different Fediverse services (Mastodon, Peertube, etc.) with one account. This indeed would be beneficial.

There are limitations in Mastodon (4 photos per toot and xx MB for a video), which one can only get by through PeerTube. For educational videos I had to open a Peertube account: open.tube/video-channels/geral Thanks to ActivityPub, I could link them here, see
I don't know whether there is a better way to do so.

@gerald_leppert @threed I'm often commenting with my Mastodon account on both PeerTube and Pixelfed. It's a bit cumbersome but you need to copy and paste the URL into the search in Mastodon then it shows up there and then you can reply, favourite, boost it. And the reply will show up in PeerTube, etc.

Same here, never had any issue posting across platforms.
That's actually a big plus for me since I don't feel like creating an account on Pixelfed (not posting photos or art...)
@gerald_leppert @threed

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