and : Performance & Maximum Users

4 fine up to 4 users [b]
5 fine with video; up to 20 audio only [f]
>5 performance gets problems [a]
50 seems to work with high performance backend [f]

8 fine, few crashes [c]
19 fine with students [g]
45 worked well, some issues with slow internet. It can handle much more users if users muted & turn off video [d]
>100 for presentation; complicated if >25 users use video [e]

See reply for sources


Here (in this conversation) you find a summary of BigBlueButton and NextCloud Talk performance and maximum users. I compiled it from a few sources.

@qoheniac @z428 @DrW @kuketzblog @Gina @grin @Framasoft @angry @sweetgood @fossasap @LPS @igorette

@gerald_leppert #Jitsi works better with Chrome based browsers now but Mozilla seems to be working on the issues. Handles 6 with video or 15 with 1-2 video channels well, above that people occasionally fall out. Presentation isn't working above 15 well either.

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