The fastest way to get your favorite Twitter user to join the Fediverse is simply to ask them for a link to their account on the Fediverse so you can follow them!

It's as simple as that.

The more people that ask journalists and other professionals to provide them with their link to their Fediverse profile, the more people will sign up and create one. #fediverse #twitter #exodus #mastodon #pleroma


@mjc How do you exactly ask? If I ask someone "Could you please send me a link for your account on the Fediverse?", they might not have an idea what I am talking about and even if they know, they might be confused what Fediverse service they shall choose. I have difficulties to send a link describing "Fediverse" or an information like "please subscribe here: ...." For example, if I send they might end up in very small instances that might not be well federated.

@gerald_leppert hopefully that prompts the recipient to ask, "what's the fediverse?" which opens up the opportunity for you to tell them what it is, and provide them links.

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