Android Mobile OS Snooping By , , and Handsets

"The privacy of mobile apps has been extensively studied, but much less attention has been paid to

*the privacy of the mobile OS itself.* ...

We find that ... these vendor-customized Android variants transmit substantial amounts of information to the OS developer and also to third-parties (, , , etc) ... " 1/2

" sends similar volumes of data to Google as these proprietary Android variants, but we do not observe the LineageOS developers themselves collecting data nor pre-installed system apps other than those of Google.

Notably, /e/Os sends no information to Google or other third parties and sends essentially no information to the /e/OS developers." 2/2

P.S. How much private data is send back also depends a lot on the configuration.

Much of the comparison between /e/OS and LineageOS is a comparison between opengapps nano and MicroG.

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