@gemlog That is exactly what I hope for. I like to compare it with OSM in principles. So far it is too German. Not enough scale from a development perspective. But we will see.

@askans OSM, yes. The scaling problem makes me think is a couple of different directions.
I am in need of sleep still. I will have a better read about it later.

@askans Lokale geschäfte is a great idea, but how to grow it? Hard fight against goog maps/suggestions and friendface all promoting walmart and amazon. Could it be part of the fediverse? I don't know.

@gemlog It is still in early stages, and the ideas on how to scale it are limited, focus of the project is more on programming etc. which I consider not the right focus.
My dream would be that google is using that data, as it is using wikipedia. And that there are many app builders relying on this data.
OSM is there and I do not see an end of it, despite a great product called google maps.

@askans That's true. Things like OSM can get the tailored details right that fall through the profit-grasping cracks in a large corporation like google.
However, there are still some things like satellite images and air fotos that aren't easily crowd-sourced.
At least, no open sourced model currently exists.
Things like lokalwirkt.de/ are very do-able though! I think it's great.

@gemlog I like your reply, also the look at satellite images.
If you know of any developers who would like to contribute to the project it would be great.
Or anybody outside Germany qho would like to use it.
I then would start with translation.
By the way it also a great interface to add business data to OSM

@gemlog If you know of any developers who might be interested in participating, please let me know

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