"If open science is to have any meaning, then, it must be grounded in a politics that is emancipatory from capital and the problems of researchers being oriented around capital at every point"
it's about unions, reorganizing work, and ending extractive industries, not OA mandates

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Why open science is primarily a labour issue

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@jonny As @Lambo wrote when I was looking for a better term than Open Science: "let's focus on questions of power & ownership." scholar.social/@Lambo/10839723

Or to cite myself: "Scientists of the World, seize the means of production and communication!! How do we de-stigmatize the term for that?"

That would make a lot easier and improve a lot of other stuff.

Would be good. To call it Open Science would be redefining the term to mean any future improvement we would like to see happening.

I don't have a good term, but am on the same page. I also think it's worth expanding the scope because at least the rest of academia faces similar problems, if not the rest of the world.

it might be a bit dated but I think of it as information liberation.

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On the same vine: Knowledge emancipation.

My impression is that neoliberalism is about to fall. What better place to start than within science, which is in no imaginable way a market, but got these childish free market slogans forced on it?

Seizing the means of production sounds good, but also socialism would not fit as model. Science is just not an economy. Planning would not make things better.

Maybe time to read Elinor Ostrom on methods to manage a commons.

to some degree it is a seizure of capital, such as it is in abstraction in the universe of IP and reputational economies. but I think of it also as removing information from the domain of capital and the ending conceit of scarcity that the absence of basic digital infrastructure lends itself to. head is a blur today so short on slogans but yes one is never harmed by thinking more about organizing

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