What are your reasons for leaving #GitHub?
Do you know any blog articles for enlightening users?
Do you move to #Codeberg, another #Gitea instance or somewhere else?

We left when Github followed US sanctions against contributors from US-sanctioned nations and deleted accounts accordingly.

Went to a Gitlab instance hosted by a project member who lives somewhere that does not follow US sanctions.


@bhaugen @codeberg I use Codeberg for my scientific code. Science is global and GitHub blocks several countries due to US trade sanctions.

Enlightening scientific article: The varying openness of digital open science tools f1000research.com/articles/9-1

Thanks for the link. Had we not had a project collaborator who offered to host a gitlab instance, we would have jumped to Codeberg and were looking at it at the time.


@VictorVenema @bhaugen @codeberg I do the same (the most relevant thing being my radiocarbon calibration software). I do hope we can soon find a sustainable way to have CI on Codeberg. Scientific code needs QA, some journals require it like JOSS. I wouldn't go with the usual CI workflow applied to every commit since it's a huge waste of resources, but still it's needed . Great to see more scientific code at Codeberg 👩‍🔬👩‍💻

There is somebody who started working on a bridge to run Gitea tests on SourceHut but they need someone to actually finish the job since they don't plan on finishing or maintaining it... Unfortunately I never could find the time to look at it but I can send you the link if either of you is interested.
@VictorVenema @bhaugen @codeberg

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