Anyone out there selling second-hand phones with LineageOS + MicroG installed on them?

After doing this for numerous friends, was thinking of providing it as a service.

Interested to hear if anyone has ideas on how to build contributions to lineage/microg/fdroid into the price...

@douginamug We haven't actually done so, but the @datenburg has been thinking of doing this. A few people in our group have this skill.

We wanted to get some first experience with people simply coming by at our 2-weekly meetings, but the pandemic prevented that.

Theoretically /e/OS offers this, so you could look there for inspiration, but I put myself on their mailing list because they had too much demand in summer, but never heard back.

@VictorVenema @datenburg yes, I saw those phones! But, for example, one can get a Samsung a3 2016 (very small, nice for people who want small phones) reliably for 40 Eur, or a samsung s5 neo (last with removable battery) for 55.

I was thinking more in this direction... But let me know if you develop anything. I'm particularly curious about how to reach possible buyers and price in donations to the projects


@douginamug @datenburg We did not think of specific models yet. Would love to do all, but that probably makes it too complicated.

If there turns out to be enough interest, we were thinking of asking for a real payment, maybe 50 bucks. So that we could have a coop rent a small shop in the centre and hire someone to man it and do the work. If it finances itself, that would also make it easier to role it out everywhere, then you are no longer restrained by volunteer power.

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