I am thinking of an project & could use some help.

There is a database with information that is important for science, which has a well-documented REST API.

How do you make a hashtag out of that? ?

An important data element is often missing. So I would like to make a 2nd server that serves the same API & adds this element if it is missing.

What is good software to do this? Has anyone here done something similar & would be happy to help (funded)?

Boots welcome. 🤗

@VictorVenema IMO an API gateway should be able to do that. For example checkout this one:

@meisam Thank, you very much.

Sounds like this does what I was thinking off. Great. And if not, having the right technical term opens internet doors.

🎉 🎈 🥂 👯‍♀️ 🙂 Thanks.

@meisam Got lucky you just returned from your hiatus. 😎

#OpenAccess is naturally ideal, but being allowed to collect, analyse & publish their abstracts would already help a lot. #OpenAbstracts

We would be happy to scrape the abstracts from the web. Is there a group with good lawyers in the Open Community willing to stand up to the publisher & publish the abstracts? #PleaseBoost

Some claim abstracts are part of the EU Text & Data Mining exception for research. But the I4OA claims this is not allowed.

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