I had kinda expected so: my Samsung SIII mini phone is too old for the German Corona Tracking app.

That was my first phone, the longer I had it the more I disliked it and hardly used it. Tracking me, cannot delete invasive software. Disgusting.

Looks like there are better options by now. Mastodon-brain, what would you recommend? Requirements:
1 phone, email
2 social media, chat
3 open street maps
So basically nothing.

4 small, preferably the 12 cm of my old one
4. rm -R *, if I would like to.

@VictorVenema how far are you willing to go in terms of open-source/hardware? do you need some specific apps (like signal)? do you know how to install a custom OS or do you want to buy it ready to use?

depending on the answers, there are now (still limited) linux phones e.g. #PinePhone, android alternatives like #LineageOS, and pre-installed mostly open things like /e/

see and

@VictorVenema note that in corona context you'll need something pretty Google friendly:

Having a look at @Fairphone could also be interesting for you (you can get it preinstalled with /e/ I think)

@tfardet I once looked and my old phone was too old to install a free OS on it.

I can code, so if installing it myself is needed (to have a nice small phone) that is fine. Also happy to pay something extra to save me the time.

Thanks for the links, will have a look.

Yes, I will need something which at least initially has Google Play. 😞

@VictorVenema you don't need Google Play preinstalled: you can get #FDroid, then a play store alternative like #AuroraStore
But for apps that rely heavily on google services like banking apps, you might still need the Gapps, or at least use a #LineageOS with the #microG framework installed (that's what I have)

@tfardet But I would need Google Play app to install the Corona app, right? Or is that not an app you can simply install afterwards and delete again because it is so nested in the OS?

No banking on a phone for me. I pay by cash, like a good pseudo-German, and do banking on my Linux computer with a separate tan generator.

I did not know about microG. Thanks. Maybe our Open Source friends will have an alternative for the Google Blue Tooth libraries before autumn.

@VictorVenema to install the Corona app I guess an alternative store like AuroraStore should be enough (at least I've never had any trouble installing any available app before) but the Gapps might be necessary to make it work, I don't know if microG will be sufficient... I can check if you give me the name of the app

@tfardet Okay, now I get it. Google is looking more and more like Elsevier. 😐

The German Corona App is this one:

@VictorVenema yes...
OK, so install went without problem but apparently microG is not enough... at least I get an "update GooglePlay services" warning... I'll try to investigate if I can find the time to do so.
It's a little surprising to me because the French app seems to work...

@tfardet Interesting that the French app works. I had heard that the Blue Tooth library written for these Corona apps was not open source. So I had expected that they would be only available via Google Play and that the FOSS community will have to code their own libraries. Thanks for trying.

@tfardet Looks like the German Corona App will not work.

But people are working on an alternative library.

Thanks for getting me up to speed.

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