Great explanation how contact tracing can be done right, fully respecting privacy.

This study shows that such fast contact tracing could be as effective as a lockdown.

The CCC, German's most reliable technology activists, explain the conditions to make this work and have promised to warn about bad apps. I will listen to them.

As this toot went viral and there are many techies on Mastodon, let me add a list with COVID-19 contact tracing projects around the world.

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New post. A privacy respecting track and trace app to fight Corona is possible and effective variable-variability.blogspot.

The above toots are about the technical implementation & theoretical effectiveness of a track & trace . But to make it work a lot more is needed: fast testing, paid sick leave, possibility to quarantine, warning should count as "sick certificates" & wide adoption of an app that helps others.

I think it could work in social democracies like Germany, but elsewhere???

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☝🏽 privacy-preserving contract tracing infographic (covid-19) via @VictorVenema

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