Hello World! This is the official #Mastodon account of the #Libravatar project, a decentral and open source alternative to #Gravatar. You can sign up for free at libravatar.org or set up a Libravatar server for your own email server. This account will inform you about all important updates and provide support. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. This is *not* a Twitter crossposter/bot. #introductions

@libravatar Great to have an open source alternative. Does this also make a difference wrt privacy?

If I would install this for my site, could I give my users the option to only use it for my site or to have everyone being able to download their picture/info?

@VictorVenema If you need it only for your site, yes you could run an instance, but you can also use the main instance, since, yes, we take privacy very serious! Esp. If your users do have external mail addresses, they would benefit from the main instance, since their Avatar would start to pop up in other places as well.


@libravatar Such a decentral use is a clear benefit.

"we take privacy very serious"

Gravatar will say the same. It may be the first line in the privacy policy of Facebook and Google. What does that concretely mean, compared to Gravatar?

@VictorVenema Agree, I should really find a better wording. ;-)
I think the most important part here is that Libravatar is a community effort run by volunteers, developed as OpenSource software. There is no company that could make money out of the data. And every (active) member can actively participate. Additionally, we clear state in our privacy policy that we do not include any 3rd party cookies and/or Javascript.
So, maybe the better wording is: We promise to stay non-commercial!

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