I did promise to tell about my BSc thesis topic one day. So get ready for a thread on... fractals! Along the way we'll also meet measure theory, a bit of function theory and several bad jokes.

I'll try to keep this as accessible as possible, even though I'll use some maths terminology. Feel free to ask if something is unclear! If the LaTeX equations do not render correctly for you, try opening the thread on mathstodon.xyz.

This is going to be a long thread, so let's get started!



@petrilaarne Hi Petri, great introduction. I did a bit of this around 2000 to study clouds, for which fractals are a reasonable approximation. I hope it did not die afterwards.

I could not see the equations, also not going to the mathstodon server. Do I need any software myself, some MathJax add-on?


@VictorVenema Thanks! I too have some trouble seeing the equations. I guess I’ve made some silly mistake, or MathJax is misbehaving. I saw some rendered, then not rendered after a refresh, suggesting the latter. @christianp?


@petrilaarne @VictorVenema yeah, I need to look into it. Something's up, that's for sure

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