I’m writing an article on the subject, but as a blind guy, I’m getting really really tired of people speaking for me. If you do accessibility or UX and really want to know what I want, or “need”, or what works best for me, then ask me.

@SteveSawczyn Might be a start-up idea. Was recently at a local web Meetup and they did not know where to go to test to a11y of a homepage/app, until someone remembered one knowledgeable partially blind guy from our city doing this occasionally. Could be a market.

@VictorVenema Hmm, it's definitely worth thinking about. There's lots of people though that would gladly give their thoughts for free if asked. Maybe there's an opportunity helping people connect.


@SteveSawczyn I am on a committee to create a global climate reference station network. rmets.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/

If someone in the open hardware movement were interested in creating instruments for such a network, I would be happy to support that and try to get this group to support that.

Even if I like working with my hands, I have been a computer scientist for my working life, to try to pull something like that off myself would be overly optimistic.

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