@sozialwelten Interesting. Hope it will work.

Once there is a user base, I can imagine that companies would be willing to participate. If they are convinced their products are better and want to signal that confidence smaller companies may adopt it. Maybe not relevant for books, but the costumer feedback is also valuable.

Another question is whether you would like companies to be able to control the created of new persistent product IDs.
@maxlath @inventaire

@VictorVenema @sozialwelten companies could give raw open data, but the persisted ids and data would be under control of the community, possibly referencing other authorities ids à la #Wikidata. But, from the experience of #OpenFoodFacts we know that big companies don't like to play the open data game


@maxlath Yes, I would expect that it would start with small companies with quality products.

If there are peaches in a German supermarket and your app would show me that French people eat them, I would be willing to pay twice as much. Growers of good peaches will appreciate reliable quality signals, the big ones will not.

Books are good case, with many consumers likely willing to contribute.But feedback less important to create the next version of the book. @sozialwelten

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