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There is now a Mastodon instance for publishing scientists: FediScience.

Everyone is welcome from PhD student to professor, as well as researchers from outside of academia. You are welcome to stay afterwards, but it is also easy to change to another server.

There will be a lot of science talk on this server, but there is no need to only talk science

Boosts are appreciated to let others know about this new instance.

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Great explanation how contact tracing can be done right, fully respecting privacy.

This study shows that such fast contact tracing could be as effective as a lockdown.

The CCC, German's most reliable technology activists, explain the conditions to make this work and have promised to warn about bad apps. I will listen to them.

#oaweek 2020!

Wir laden herzlich ein zu unserem Workshop "Single-Source-Publishing mit #Markdown, #GitLab, #pandoc und #OJS: ausprobieren, diskutieren, Perspektiven entwickeln"

Mittwoch, 21.10.2020, 14:00 bis 17:30 Uhr

Jetzt noch anmelden:

#OpenScience #openness #OpenAcces

RKI-Daten für Bonn nach Altersgruppe und Kalenderwoche.

Interesting. On Twitter 8 people are interested in reviewing. On Mastodon 1 person is interested in designing the system.

Fits to both communities. Twitter big with many scientists. Mastodon still small and technology focussed.

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If someone claims America's COVID numbers look bad because of testing (rather than the other way around) this is the link:

Looking at excess all-cause deaths (no testing) America would have had more than 200k deaths less with the death rate of Germany.

Twitter: ist alle, Leute sind nicht lernfähig.

Mastodon (also ich): Klopapier ist alle weil Leute lernfähig sind. Bei jeder zukünftigen Pandemie wird Klopapier gehamstert werden. Zumindest so lange es Twitter mit Trending Topics gibt.

Ich habe im Sommer groß Klopapier eingekauft.

(Und bei meinem Stadtsupermarkt gab es gerade noch Haufen. Es werden wohl wie im Frühjahr zuerst die Auto-Supermärkte sein.)

Proctorio tries to silence learning technologist 

A Learning Technology Specialist at UBC was rightly critical of Proctorio so the company is suing him - . Considering the ethical, technical or other transgressions of automated test proctoring/surveillance tools like Proctorio, it's worth spreading the word. His legal defence: GoFundMe campaign.

Good blog post here: In Defence of Ian Linkletter -

I really like this year's keynote of the #ActivityPub #Conference by @darius "Let’s Play and Win Our Own Game"

In particular the point he is making that we need to "Provide more infrastructure, not just software": Users need good #service #providers aka #infrastructure. Both are the implementation of the #Free #Society we aim for, enabled by the developers and their software.

#decentralisation #fediverse

Frage: Wenn Ihr mit „genug freien Intensivbetten“ für mehr Lockerungen argumentiert …

… warum nicht gleich mit „genug Platz auf dem Friedhof“?

verkündet verschärfte Anti--Maßnahmen:
Maskenpflicht in den Fußgängerzonen und anderen Einkaufsstraßen
Anregung, die Maskenpflicht an den weiterbildenden Schulen wieder einzuführen
Es dürfen sich im öffentlichen Raum noch 5 Personen treffen (10 bei Familien), 10 im privaten Raum
250 Personen bei Innen-,
500 bei Außenveranstaltungen
Standesamtliche Hochzeiten max 25 Personen
Zwischen 22 h und 6 h kein Alkoholausschank. Gaststätten schließen ab 23 h

Mozilla is finally moving beyond Firefox!

TechAltar often looks at the business models behind them digital technologies.

As an project Mozilla hardly produced any revenue and depended for nearly all of its funding on Google paying for being the default search engine.

Now has started trying to earn money with services for which trust is crucial. For example with a VPN, file share, password manager.

Future: cloud, mail + enterprise software + KaiOS?

Let's stop the spread of misinformation on YouTube.

Rather than reword the information myself I think its better to get it straight from @mozilla.

Here's 28 reasons why YouTube should change:

And here's a browser extension you can install to help the Mozilla understand YouTube recomendations:

Disclaimer: I do not use YouTube (or any google products if I can help it) but I thought this would help as I know I'm in the minority.

Gerade gelernt:

"Während die Länge des bundesweiten Schienennetzes seit der Bahnreform 1994 von 41 000 auf 33 000 Kilometer zurückging, legte das Autobahnnetz von 11 000 auf 13 000 Kilometer zu." (SZ)

I would like to make a poll for a bunch of colleagues with several questions. Google Forms would work. Is there a data privacy tool that can do that like Nuudel does for one question?

New post. The deleted chapter of the @WMO Guidance on the homogenisation of climate station data variable-variability.blogspot.


Von Twitter, passt hier aber besser. Das anarchistische Neinhorn.

Das #Fediverse wächst weiter, seit diesem Wochenende hat die @netzbegruenung eine eigene #PeerTube Instanz. Accounts gibt es auf Anfrage bei mir.

If we would make such a feasibility study would you be willing to participate?

You would get a mail when Climate Feedback starts a review & when it is finished, have that time to grade the article, maybe add how confident you are or a classification on the topic.

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